This API GET method returns the patterns used in gzaas.com (JSON).
(Similar to the /api/fonts method)

The method is called like this:
(See that the version of the API is included in the HTTP request)

Optional Parameters

numResults number of patterns returned
nowFeatured featured patterns?
0: not neccesary
1: yes, featured patterns




    "0": {
          "id": "10",
          "hashtag": "backbirthday",
          "description": "Birthday",
          "url": "http://gzaas.com/images/patterns/BackgroundLabs/birthday.jpg",
          "server": "BackgroundLabs",
          "designer": "BackgroundLabs",
          "urlDesigner1": "http://backgroundlabs.com",
          "urlDesigner2": null,
          "nowFeatured": "0"
    "1": {
          "id": "2",
          "hashtag": "backblackboard",
          "description": "Blackboard",
          "url": "http://gzaas.com/images/patterns/BackgroundLabs/blackboard.jpg",
          "server": "BackgroundLabs",
          "designer": "BackgroundLabs",
          "urlDesigner1": "http://backgroundlabs.com",
          "urlDesigner2": null,
          "nowFeatured": "0"


Breakdown of API JSON:

id Unique id for this pattern
hashtag Hashtag that identifies the pattern
description Complete Name of the pattern
url Url of the pattern image
server Name of the pattern server
designer Name of the pattern designer
urlDesigner1 Link back to designers portfolio (on BackgroundLabs / ColourLovers…)
urlDesigner2 Link back to designers portfolio (own)
nowFeatured Is it featured in the editor at gzaas.com?
0: no
1: yes