This API GET method returns the fonts used in gzaas.com in JSON format.

The method is called like this:
(See that the version of the API is included in the HTTP request)

Optional Parameters

numResults number of fonts returned
nowFeatured featured fonts?
0: not neccesary
1: yes, featured fonts




    "0": {
          "id": "59",
          "hashtag": "3dumb",
          "description": "3Dumb",
          "fontFace": "1",
          "stylesheet": "/css/fonts/3Dumb/stylesheet.css",
          "fontFamily": "'3DumbRegular'",
          "fontServer": "1",
          "designer": "Tension Type",
          "urlDesigner1": "http://www.fontsquirrel.com/foundry/Tension-Type",
          "urlDesigner2": null,
          "nowFeatured": "0"
    "1": {
          "id": "29",
          "hashtag": "allan",
          "description": "Allan",
          "fontFace": "1",
          "stylesheet": "http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Allan:bold",
          "fontFamily": "'Allan'",
          "fontServer": "2",
          "designer": "Anton Koovit",
          "urlDesigner1": "http://code.google.com/webfonts/designer?designer=Anton+Koovit",
          "urlDesigner2": "http://anton.korkork.com/",
          "nowFeatured": "1"


Breakdown of API JSON:

id Unique id for this font
hashtag Hashtag that identifies the font
description Complete Name of the font
fontFace FontFace?
0: client side font (arial, times, georgia…)
1: font-face (Museo, Chewy…)
stylesheet <head> stylesheet from where to get the font
fontFamily css font-family name used to render the font
fontServer Server that serves the font:
0: none (client side font)
1: gzaas
2: google webfonts
designer Name of the font designer
urlDesigner1 Link back to designers portfolio (on FontSquirrel / Google Webfonts)
urlDesigner2 Link back to designers portfolio (own)
nowFeatured Is it featured in the editor at gzaas.com?
0: no
1: yes