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  • The community

The community

Join the gzaasers community!

We are on Facebook & Twitter, where you can send your gzaases, clear up your doubts, suggest new styles and know the new features that we are planning for gzaas!

We are little yet, but...

As you can see, the community is still little but we like to think that it is exclusive ;)
We want you to grow with us, cause we want to make gzaas something...something...gzaas!

What about gzaas profiles?

We are thinking about offering the feature to register and login into gzaas.
  • Would you like to save your gzaases, favorite other ones?
  • Save your preferred styles? fonts? patterns and colors?
  • Maybe follow people who create incredible gzaases?
Let us know what would you like to see into the gzaas social killer! version.
Because the user who gives us feedback...gzaas!